Author of “Telling the Bees” the Runner-up winning entry of the MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest 2023, Isekai Cup: High Fantasy.

About Armonia

Armonia is a long-time anime fan and writing enthusiast who was born and raised in Miami. Originally dabbling in romance fanfiction, she decided to participate in Honeyfeed’s annual MAL contest featuring her original work, and now she’s a member of Hivemind’s wonderful agency! She graduated with a degree in English with a focus in Writing and Rhetoric and also has a minor in Asian Studies. She is currently working in the construction business in an HR adjacent role.

When Armonia isn’t writing, she spends her time growing her anime figure collection, hunting for autographs from some of her favorite mangaka, and generally swimming in the never-ending waters of otaku life. She recently took up making stained glass and is also stubbornly struggling to reach the Great Ball Tier in ranked Pokémon battles. Sanji from “One Piece” is her number one husbando and always will be.

Representative Work